Weekly Blog #1, Rejuvenate Your Soils, Grow Your Profits

Welcome to the first weekly blog on the Greenbelt website.
Each week we will release a short article discussing various aspects of soil health and the direct effect it has on the profitability of your farm.
Our aim at Greenbelt is to help farmers rejuvenate their soil in an economically viable manner to, in turn,  increase the farm’s bottom line.
The soil on the farm is the biggest asset and its engine room. So the healthier and more productive it is, the more effectively the farm can operate. The more return you can create with fewer inputs of time, labour or materials the healthier your farm is as a business.
Like any engine, if you maintain it well, it will serve you well.
The difference here though is the soil is a living engine so proper care and maintenance will give you exponential returns, either good or bad.
That’s it for this week.
Your time is valuable, and in this day of online bombardment, we all suffer from information overload. So I will endeavour to keep our posts as short as possible with one takeaway concept.
Until next week,
Steve Zeiger