#3 What do we mean by “soil rejuvenation”?

What exactly do we mean when we use the term “soil rejuvenation”?
A simple definition for our purposes is:
“The re-establishment of the soil food web to enable crops to access all necessary nutrients for optimal health”.
The soil food web is a complex living system made up of fungi, bacteria, protozoa and nematodes that interacts with the environment, animals and plants.
Plants, through photosynthesis, create sugars from sunshine. They then feed these sugars, in a symbiotic relationship, to the fungi and bacteria in the soil in exchange for nutrients. This cycle is broken in depleted soils.
When the plants cannot interact with beneficial microbial life in the soil, they become malnourished and prone to diseases and pests. The fruit and vegetables also lack nutrients and taste.
Re-establishing this cycle on a commercial farm is vital to have the soil work for the farmer and for it to regain its proper place as the main asset and engine room of the farm,
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