Do you need to be an organic farmer to have healthy soil?

Is it necessary to become an organic farmer to have healthy soil?
Not at all.
The goal is to develop healthy microbial life in the soil; this is the foundation to establish. Then, you can still use chemical fertilisers to obtain the best returns for your farm. Or, if there is sufficient demand for your crop to be organically grown, healthy soil gives you the foundation to do so. The decision is a financial one.
The demand for organic food is growing and has increased by 17% over the last five years and between 2104~2019 was expected to grow 54% to $980M but had already hit $919M in 2016.
It is a market to watch, and if there is demand for your crop, it may be worth considering going down the organic route at some point.
This said, our primary focus is finding the balance between healthy soil and using minimal chemical fertilisers to attain the ultimate yield and profitability.
Accessing nutrients, increasing plant health and fighting fungal and microbial soil diseases. These are the goals you achieve with rejuvenated soil on your farm.
And of course, healthy soil makes every cost centre of the farm more profitable,
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