Weekly Blog #4 The Engine Room of the Farm

Why do we call the soil the “engine room” of the farm?
Plants convert sunlight, along with carbon dioxide and water, to carbon-based plant matter through photosynthesis and the interaction with the life in the soil.
The critical link missing in depleted soil is the microbial life. It is here that the sugar the plants create during this process is exchanged for the nutrients to form the crop, that you as a farmer, (hopefully) turn into profits.
So in effect, when you farm, you are farming sunlight with the goal of turning it into carbon as efficiently as possible.
The more microbially active your soil is the more it is working for you. Therefore the aim is to keep increasing the beneficial microbial life to make your soil more fertile.
A key ingredient here is carbon. As the soil improves the carbon content increases, a convenient variable with which to measure soil health. Which we will cover next week,
Cheers Until Then,