Weekly Blog #5 “Calcium Availability in the Soil”

Calcium is the fifth most abundant element in the soil and the third most abundant metal, but due to its chemical makeup, it is never found in nature in a pure form. Instead, it is always found in compounds such as calcium carbonate and also binds to phosphorus in high pH soils and iron or aluminium in more acidic soils. So the problem is that it is abundant yet unavailable most of the time.
How can we change this?
Rejuvenated soil has two answers for this common problem. The microbial life controls the soil pH. Get the correct fungi and bacteria in there, and the pH will correct itself.  The same abundant and diverse microbe population also overcomes the availability issue by breaking the bonds and compounds through interaction with the microbes and making the calcium available to the plants.
The financial advantage here is that the soil pH has been brought into balance naturally so you are not continually paying for a chemical balancing act and your plants are absorbing calcium. The calcium, boron and silicone interaction is fascinating, and the reason better lasting, tasting and nutritious fruit and vegetables come from rejuvenated soils. But more on that next week,
Cheers Until Then,