Rejuvenate your Soil

Why is soil rejuvenation important?
Rejuvenation returns the soil to being the engine room of the farm helping to produce income 24/7.
It increases beneficial bacteria and fungus thereby restoring the natural balance and making all the nutrients available to the plants.
Healthy soil grows stronger plants less prone to disease and insect attacks. When the soil is alive it increases the efficiency of other fertilisers and inputs.
Results have shown rejuvenated soil produces increased yields.
Greenbelt Bio-fertiliser has been specifically designed to accomplish this and is simply the best quality and best value soil rejuvenating system in Australia.



Have you got a waste that you would be interested in turning into profit?
Earth’s Own Activator is specifically designed to aid in the breakdown of waste while populating it with beneficial microbes for soil rejuvenation.
The fastest growing segment of the agricultural sector, biological farming, is the way of the future that is happening now.
The end consumer is becoming very aware of food quality and a core issue is the condition of farm soils. Living soils means the plants can access all the nutrients that are at present not available to them.
Healthy soils ➔ Healthy crops➔ Healthy consumers
Turn your waste into Greenbelt Bio-fertiliser and become part of this fast growing sector.