The focus of Greenbelt as a company is to provide the resources for economical soil rejuvenation.

Experience in the field has taught us that farmers and green-keepers know that the health of the soil is vital to the wellbeing of the farm or business operations and bottom line. The problem is, they are having difficulty finding an economically viable way to achieve this.
This is where we believe we can help.

Greenbelt Biofertiliser has been 45 years in development and has been designed, from inception, to achieve this end. The economical rejuvenation of your soils.

We have two companies:

Earth’s Own Organic Solutions where we teach businesses to make Greenbelt Bio-fertiliser from waste using the EOOS Activator.

Our goal is to set up a network of producers Australia wide to supply this fast growing market.
These producers may be farmers that want to make Greenbelt for their own use and on-sell the excess as another income stream for the farm, or they may be businesses that have a waste problem that they can turn into profits.

Greenbelt is the company that handles the sales and marketing of the end product.
Our main focus is teaching about soil rejuvenation and matching it to your current farming practices to increase your farms bottom line. The emphasis from the beginning is the financial health of your farm. We believe that if you work with natures systems you produce more nutritious food and more profits.

Whether you have waste to turn into an income or you have depleted soils that need to be brought back to life, we can help