The Process

Day 1, Mixing the Waste Materials and Activator

 If using a front-end loader:

The first step is to layer the waste with a sprinkling of the Activator between each layer. Only 50 Kg of the Activator is needed to make 12.5 tons of fertiliser. This is to ensure a good mix of both the various wastes and the activator is mixed evenly through the pile.

It is important the initial moisture content of the biomass is 40~50% at this stage.


 If using a compost turner:

The layering of the waste is not necessary as the turner will effectively mix the Activator and waste.

Days 2~4

After leaving for 3~4 days the temperatures should have increased to above 55˚C.

From this point on the temperatures are checked daily as the temperature is the guide used to determine whether or not to add water.

Days 5~20, The Thermophilic Stage

The pile is then turned and water added as needed to maintain 50% moisture during this process. This is an aerobic process and the turning introduces oxygen into the mix. This is a vital as the microbes require this environment to flourish. It is best to apply the water in an even,fine mist.

Over the first week the temperatures will increase to the 55˚C~70˚C range and this will be maintained for 15 days in order to comply with AS4454.This is the thermophilic stage and at this point the thermophilic fungi are active, growing in number and processing the feedstock. During the development of the Activator heat resistant fungi were isolated and are incorporated into our unique product.



Days 20~30 The Mesophilic or “Sweetening” Stage

After 15 days at 55˚C~70˚C no more water is added however the pile is still turned on alternate days. This is done until the temperature falls to 30˚C-37˚C. This is the mesophilic stage which is also known as the “sweetening” stage.

When the moisture content falls to 25%~30% the biofertiliser is stable and can be stored.

The process generally takes about 30 days. This will vary on conditions and waste used. When the temperature is in the low 30s the biofertiliser is stable.This is a general guide, the process may take up to 45 days.