Our process takes an average of 30 Days depending on the waste that is used but can take up to 45 days.

The microbes are activated by moisture when introduced to the biomass. In essence the process consists of creating the right environment for the fungi and microbes to multiply. Simultaneously they are feeding and processing the feedstock and changing it to bio-fertiliser.

Businesses that produce an organic waste as a by-product or have access to organic waste.

Large farming concerns can make fertiliser for their own use and resale.

Waste producers can make quality bio-fertiliser to supply the market.

  • Farmers
  • Composting companies
  • Mulching companies
  • Tree loppers
  • Stables
  • Canneries and food processors
  • Abattoirs
  • Feedlots
  • Piggeries
  • Poultry Farms
  • Mills
  • Transfer Stations

Some clients start out using a front-end loader to turn the bio-mass however, for best results we recommend using a turner that is designed to thoroughly and efficiently mix and turn the contents of the pile whilst adding moisture. Using a turner will produce a great end result and reduce labour costs.

Yes. Access to water is a must. The biomass needs water for the first 20 days of the process.

During the sweetening process the moisture content should be reduced. If you are located in a high rainfall area we suggest that the biomass should be covered or preferably under roof . It depends on your local climate.

The Bio-fertiliser is made in a minimum of 25 tonne ( Approx. 45  cubic metres)

This will depend on type of  waste materials used to make Greenbelt Bio-fertiliser and the type of application . For example, if you use mushroom waste and chicken manure to produce Greenbelt Bio-fertiliser, the finished product may be somewhat finer compared to a batch made using mulch materials.

Any plant or animal waste as well as cardboard and food scraps.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your waste and we can create the best mix to suit your current requirements


  • Paul Di Carlo of Di Carlo Bananas, Woopen Creek, Innisfail first used Greenbelt during the planting of an eight hectare block. The block was planted at the beginning of a very dry and hot wet-season and the trees withstood the conditions markedly better. They were not nearly as heat affected, the effect was visible. We are now incorporating Greenbelt into our standard farming processes.

    Di Carlo Bananas
  • We have been using Greenbelt Biofertiliser and Greenbelt Foliar for the last year and the Biofertiliser has become the base fertiliser of our green-keeping program. For ease of spreading we mix it with sand and top-dress and fertilise in the one application. The most exciting development has been the way that Greenbelt increases the microbial activity in the soil and is very effective in fighting fairy rings. The 8th Green was previously riddled with fairy rings. Now the playability is the same throughout and the rings are fading. This was after only 2 applications of the 1:10, GreenBelt-Biofertiliser:Sand mix. I was in a  meeting last week with the course professionals and one said “We all agree the course is in the best condition for the longest period that we have ever seen it. We are all out playing on it every chance we get.” This improvement is due to the use of Greenbelt Biofertiliser. 2016-02-19 Green #8 That had bad fairy rings previously II 2016-02-19 Green #8 That had bad fairy rings previously III 2016-02-19 Green #8 That had bad fairy rings previously These photos below are of a green that is planted with 328 turf the forerunner to the hybrid Novotek. It will be replanted as funds permit. 328 does not like the heat. Brendon has hit it with 20 litres of foliar diluted in 650 litres of water. The islands of green are the regrowth. To show you how good this is, in previous years the whole green would have been brown. In contrast the good looking greens are the Novotek that is raging and even this would normally be showing signs of stress. 2016-02-19 328 Die Back II 2016-02-19 328 Die Back 2016-02-19 Healthy Novotek 2016-02-19 Healthy Novotek II

    Cairns Golf Club